Artificers Workshop

In our workshop you will find some of our smaller, more eccentric, inventions and experiments.

Please note Workshop Applications are not supported by Artificers.

Eos Tracker

Basic Showfile Tracking for Eos.

Eos Tracker provides a basic synchronisation between two Eos family devices running differing show files, versions of software or even languages. The application allows the user to stay in sync with relation to the playback of cues, the selection of a cue or part and the movement between Live and Blind.

Download Eos Tracker

OSC Messenger

An OSC Chat Room Implementation

Communicate between devices and applications within an IP network. Completely manufacturer/developer agnostic.

View on Github


Eos Voice Control for macOS.

Jarveos provide voice-based remote control from wherever you are in your venue for any Eos, Gio, Ion, Element lighting system.

Download Jarveos


An open source OSC Framework.

A Swift framework for sending, receiving, and parsing Open Sound Control messages & bundles.

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Mouse Tools

Mouse Positioning for macOS.

Mouse Tools allows you to centre your mouse, or position it to a user definable location with keyboard shortcuts.

Download Mouse Tools