A more advanced take on production notes.

Stamp for Mac is a fast, easy to use, powerful production tool that lets you record, annotate, and analyse rich designs for live productions.

Better, Faster, Smarter.

Stamp is built for modern creatives, and it shows in every fibre of the app. Featuring a flexible workflow with support for Multiple Timelines and Connections. A strikingly low-profile interface maximises work space on any display.  Powerful features like Leading and Follow Along are there to make analysing your production quick and easy.

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An interface that keeps the spotlight on your production.

Within the clean and simplified interface of Stamp lies a powerful collection of features to help unleash your creative potential. The new Media Inspector and Display brings comprehensive support for pro cameras and audio devices and puts the focus on your production.

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Stamp is made for creatives like you


Plug in and connect Stamp with a growing library of devices and software; log their events and changes on the timeline. Analyse exactly what happened, when.

Stage Manager

Record and annotate your rehearsal run throughs. Assigning & Sharing stamps to your Team is simple and allows you to efficiently manage and give clear insights to your production. 


Create comprehensive cue points and notes with a clear indication of where they sit within the production. Export them into Cue List and Timecode sequences for industry standard consoles.

Why should you use Stamp?


Stamp is designed to work with a wide range of camcorders, plus all models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Media can be recorded in real time from multiple different sources or imported afterwards, post production.


Timing is crucial. Whether you're designing a beautiful scene change or cueing a lighting sequence for a bands next hit song. Stamp makes easy work of pinpointing and editing within a variety of timecode formats.


Plug in and connect Stamp with a growing library of devices and software. Customise your connections and listen over popular protocols such as Serial RS232, OSC and MIDI. Allowing you to log exactly when an action occurs.


Built for the future of professional creatives. Choose from a selection of export options optimised for a wide range of destinations. No scripts or plugins required, we spoke to the software developers and allow you to export the files they need, without any hassle.


We know how you make a production and have built Stamp around the way you work. Sessions allow you to group stamps to a period of time. Whether you are rehearsing a particular scene, teching a show in a morning session or running a show, Stamps powerful filter options allow you to reduce the visual clutter.


Made for collaboration. Assigning stamps to your team is simple and allows you to quickly delegate and Share. Allowing you to efficiently manage and give clear, specific insights to your production.

Modern Design

Stamp is built around an elegant, single-window interface where inspectors, toolbars and media displays can easily be brought in and out of views as needed. Record and analyse your whole production from one central location, without managing multiple windows.


Stamp is built exclusively for the Mac, and it takes full advantage of Apple’s frameworks. From the high performance and power of AVFoundation, the beautiful crispness of Retina displays, through to usability features like Auto Save and Versions, we support all the native goodness that you’ve come to expect.


Redesigned from the ground up, Stamp 2 combines powerful note taking and event logging with incredible media organization and performance to let you create rich designs for live productions.

  •     Advanced Media Input Settings.

  •     Favourite Video & Audio Inputs.

  •     Filename Auto Incrementing.

  •     Media Preview & Playback Tab.

  •     Timecode Formatting.




Stamp® for Mac is Developer ID signed.